Hamilton, NJ, October 24, 2023 – The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) today announced the selection of seven states — Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Texas — for the Continuous Glucose Monitor Access Accelerator program. This pioneering effort, made possible through support from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, aims to expand access to continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and transform diabetes care for Medicaid beneficiaries.

“Increasing access to CGMs is a vital step in improving diabetes care and reducing health inequities for high-risk populations, particularly among Medicaid beneficiaries,” said Allison Hamblin, President and CEO at CHCS. “The CGM Access Accelerator program will provide comprehensive support and technical assistance to the participating states, empowering them to enhance diabetes management and achieve better health outcomes while promoting health equity.”

In the U.S., diabetes is a significant public health concern, ranked as the eighth leading cause of death. One in four dollars allocated to health care is dedicated to caring for individuals with diabetes. CGMs are the standard of care for insulin-treated individuals with diabetes, leading to improved clinical quality, better health outcomes, and reduced health care costs. Yet, despite 45 states and D.C. offering some level of CGM coverage through Medicaid, policies are inconsistent, and restrictions may inadvertently exacerbate disparities in health outcomes for this population.

“We believe the CGM Access Accelerator program can make a tangible impact to reduce health disparities among Medicaid populations and improve the lives of individuals with diabetes,” said Laurel Koester, MPH, Program Officer for the Type 1 Diabetes Program at the Helmsley Charitable Trust. “The selected states will have the resources and guidance they need to transform their diabetes care strategies and promote equitable access to CGMs.”

The CGM Access Accelerator program will provide 18 months of technical support and peer learning opportunities for Medicaid agencies and their partners in the seven selected states. The initiative will assist states in transforming their approach to diabetes care and reducing health inequities by increasing access to CGMs. Participating states will receive comprehensive support and tailored technical assistance to achieve their goals, including up to $75,000 in funding to support CGM initiatives.

Additionally, as part of its larger effort to support states in expanding access to CGMs, CHCS also offers a short-term technical assistance program — the CGM Policy Navigator — that is available to states not participating in the CGM Access Accelerator program. The Policy Navigator offers ad-hoc and less intensive targeted technical support to increase access to CGMs in Medicaid. For more information, please email .

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