To improve birth outcomes in urban New Jersey areas – Trenton, New Brunswick, and Camden – and connect infants and children ages 0-3 to preventive care services, CHCS partnered with Children’s Futures for a 15-month project. The New Jersey Collaborative to Improve Birth Outcomes and Health Status of Children was conducted under CHCS’ Best Clinical and Administrative Practices (BCAP) framework, a program to improve the quality of health services for people served under publicly financed care.

Major partners in this project included the state Medicaid agency and each of the five Medicaid-participating health plans in New Jersey, including:

  • AmeriChoice of NJ, Inc.
  • Health Net, Inc.
  • Horizon NJ Health
  • University Health Plans

Other participants included the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Trenton Health Department and other municipal public health agencies, local federally qualified health centers, community hospitals, and community-based organizations.

Participants used this project to promote standardized use of 4 P’s Plus, a screen for substance use during pregnancy. This initiative was built on the Children’s Futures Quality Improvement Collaborative, which started in November 2002, and solely focused on maternal-child health stakeholders in Trenton. This project supported sustainability by engaging New Jersey Division of Medicaid and Health Services (DMAS) and Medicaid health plans across the state.