The Best Clinical and Administrative Practices (BCAP) Quality Framework offers a systematic approach to improve quality within Medicaid managed care. Managed care organizations using the model are able to effectively target quality improvement resources and produce measurable results. Elements of the framework include:

  1. BCAP Typology;
  2. Rapid-Cycle Improvement;
  3. Measurement and Evaluation; and
  4.  Sustainability and Diffusion.

The Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) developed the framework to guide health plans in designing quality improvement projects that specifically address the complex needs of Medicaid beneficiaries. It was developed based on the experiences of health plan medical directors and quality improvement staff across the country, and has been refined based on the experiences of more than 130 Medicaid health plans. This guide outlines the components of the BCAP Quality Framework and describes how states and health plans can apply this tool in designing programs to improve the quality and effectiveness of Medicaid services.

BCAP® is a registered trademark of the Center for Health Care Strategies.