No one understands public benefit programs as well as the community members served. As state Medicaid agencies increasingly focus on moving upstream to improve the health of the people they serve, there is a growing recognition that centering individual and community voices in policymaking is critical to address health inequities, including food insecurity.

This series, a product of Exploring Cross-Agency Partnerships to Address Food Insecurity, shares the voices of people with direct experience using public programs, such as Medicaid, SNAP, and WIC, on the value of cross-program coordination and incorporating lived expertise into policymaking and implementation processes to address food insecurity.

Mobilizing Community Insights to Improve Policy and Implementation Processes, Barbie Izquierdo, Director, Advocacy Neighbors Engagement, Feeding America
Addressing Challenges Faced by Immigrant Populations Seeking Public Benefits, Alice Aluoch, Founder and Executive Director, Mfariji Africa; and Senior Manager, Global Health Council
Advocating for Policy Changes to Improve Access to Services, Yolanda Gordon, Manager of Expansion and Advocacy, RESULTS
Driving Cross-Program Alignment to Better Serve Individuals Receiving Public Benefits, Tamika L. Moore, Consultant and Activist