Public sector leaders are responsible for agencies that impact millions of people across the U.S., yet there is often limited investment in professional development for these executives. The following tip sheets are designed to provide general guidance for state agency leadership to develop and refine the skills and expertise necessary to successfully lead their programs. Leadership Tips is an ongoing series produced by the Center for Health Care Strategies’ (CHCS) Medicaid Leadership Institute in collaboration with O’Neil & Associates.

The tip sheets are categorized by select domains outlined in the Framework for Public Sector Leadership. The competencies-based framework,  jointly developed by a collaborative effort between CHCS, the Milbank Memorial Fund, and the National Association of Medicaid Directors, serves as a guide for public sector managers and their teams.

Personal Leadership and Self-Management

When and How to Say No – Features suggestions on how leaders can prioritize their time and energy by identifying when to say no to more commitments. July 2019

Leading Ways Amid COVID-19: How to Lead When It Really Matters – Shares considerations for people in leadership roles to continue guiding their organization during the COVID-19 pandemic. June 2020

New Job Leadership Checklist – Provides a checklist of common opportunities leaders can take to address challenges in their new leadership role. June 2020

Emotional Intelligence – Highlights the four essential dimension of emotional intelligence that can be used to improve leadership effectiveness. June 2021

General Rules for Uncertain Times – Features tips to navigate uncertain times and the challenges that come along with it. June 2021

Improving Critical Thinking Skills – Highlights eight steps to improve critical thinking skills. June 2021.

Mindfulness and Leadership – Details the benefits of practicing mindfulness to increase efficient and effective leadership. June 2021.

Moving from Managing Technical Work to Leading People and Direction – Includes tips to identify pitfalls in this transition as well as tips to avoid them. June 2021.

Working at the Right Level – Spotlights tips to help emerging leaders succeed in new roles. June 2021.


Setting and Managing Strategic Direction

Influencing Up: A Big Challenge – Highlights key ways for effectively leading up and influencing others in higher leadership roles to achieve organizational, team, and individual success. May 2019

Developing and Using Vision – Reviews what vision is for an organization and ways to develop and use it. June 2021


Engaging and Motivating People

Fostering a Positive Feedback Environment – Details ways people in leadership roles can create a positive environment for giving and receiving feedback. April 2019

Building and Using Executive Teams – Provides key steps that can help executive teams become more effective. May 2019

Mediating Conflicts – Shares insights on how managers can effectively facilitate a productive conflict resolution discussion between direct reports. May 2019

Leading Ways: Developing Others – Shares tips on how to develop staff and insight on how development benefits everyone in an organization. May 2020

Interacting with Others – Highlights strategies to create a safe environment that builds trust within leadership settings. June 2021

Crisis, Change, and Communication – Explores five questions to consider any time a leader has to communicate about a change in the organization. June 2021

The Importance and Art of Delegating – Details the benefits of delegating and tips to delegate effectively. June 2021.


Practicing Good Public Administration

Leading Ways: Quick Six – Highlights six steps that can help leaders make quick and thoughtful decisions. June 2020


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Medicaid Leadership Exchange, a podcast series exploring priority topics for Medicaid leaders developed in partnership with the National Association of Medicaid Directors and the Center for Health Care Strategies through support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This podcast recently released Quick-Takes for Medicaid Leaders Amid COVID-19a miniseries that provides guidance to help Medicaid leaders during the COVID-19 crisis.

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