New York State’s Medicaid health homes offer an innovative model of integrated care coordination for individuals with multiple chronic physical and behavioral health needs. To achieve the ultimate goals of better care, improved health, and lower costs, health homes must first be able to successfully locate and engage individuals eligible for their services.

This report, authored by the Center for Health Care Strategies for the New York State Health Foundation, explores lessons learned from Medicaid health homes across New York State to identify effective outreach and engagement practices. Individuals with a complex array of physical and behavioral health and social needs are often difficult to reach. Thus, as health homes move from early to intermediate stages, many need innovative ideas to effectively reach their target populations.

This report outlines an array of promising recruitment and engagement strategies, highlights unique approaches that may warrant broader adoption, and features strategies used in other states. It also offers a list of the “Top 10 Must Dos for Health Homes to Improve Outreach.” While directed at New York health home stakeholders, the report can inform Medicaid health home development efforts in states across the country.