Complex care seeks to improve health outcomes and well-being for people with an array of health and social needs. As the field of complex care evolves, clear and consistent language is essential to support this work and ensure that key audiences — patients and family members, care delivery and community partners, policymakers, and health care leadership — understand what complex care is and the value it provides.

Talking About Complex Care: A Guide for Clear and Effective Messaging is a resource jointly developed by the Center for Health Care Strategies and the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers’ National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs. The guide is designed to align the complex care community around consistent and clear language to strengthen the field. It presents core and audience-specific messages and practical guidance for communicating about complex care. This easy-to-use resource can help anyone seeking to build support for complex care approaches, including providers, program leaders, consumer advocates, and communications professionals. See also a three-page summary of the guide and infographic.

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Date and Time: March 16, 2 – 3 pm ET – Join this webinar for an exploration of approaches to clearly communicate about complex care to key stakeholders. The webinar will orient participants to the Talking About Complex Care guide, highlight core messages, and provide information on how to tailor messages to best resonate with diverse audiences. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER »