As COVID-19 vaccines become broadly available in the U.S., state Medicaid leaders face ongoing challenges around equitable vaccine distribution and access for Medicaid enrollees, particularly for individuals from historically marginalized communities. In this episode of the Medicaid Leadership Exchange podcast, Lynnette Rhodes, executive director of medical assistance plans at the Georgia Department of Community Health, and Cindy Beane, commissioner at the West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services, discuss leadership challenges and successes they have faced in developing equitable vaccine distribution strategies and the status of their respective states’ vaccine rollout.

This episode is cohosted by Gretchen Hammer, senior strategic advisor, and Hilary Kennedy, program director for Medicaid Leadership, National Association of Medicaid Directors. It also includes insights from Mark Larson, former Vermont Medicaid director and senior vice president of leadership and capacity building, Center for Health Care Strategies.

Medicaid Leadership Exchange is a podcast series exploring priority topics for Medicaid leaders developed in partnership with the National Association of Medicaid Directors and the Center for Health Care Strategies through support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Featured in this episode:

Lynnette Rhodes, executive director, medical assistance plans, Georgia Department of Community HealthCindy Beane, commissioner, West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services