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This training video is designed to help Medicaid and partner agency staff understand the purpose and key features of the Medicare Advantage Star Rating system, as well as its importance to consumers, health plans, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. The training video also describes the relevance of the rating system to Medicaid agencies partnering with D-SNPs to improve care for dually eligible individuals.

Through this training, viewers will become more familiar with:

  1. How the rating system is used to measure the quality of health and drug services received by enrollees;
  2. The domains, measures, and data sources used in the rating system;
  3. How potential enrollees can use Star Ratings to compare Medicare Advantage plans;
  4. The impact of Star Ratings on Medicare Advantage plan payments, contracting, and enrollment; and
  5. State opportunities to use Medicare quality data and ratings to understand and monitor D-SNPs.

To learn more, download the training overview.

About the Medicare Advantage Policy Basics Series

This video is part of a training series, Medicare Advantage Policy Basics, produced by the Center for Health Care Strategies through the Medicare Academy, an initiative made possible by Arnold Ventures, The Commonwealth Fund, and The SCAN Foundation. Additional trainings in the series cover: