This webinar is the second in a two-part series on Expanding Patient and Family Engagement to Improve Pediatric Care that will highlight the value of co-creating equitable partnerships between patients, families, community, and multidisciplinary care teams. This webinar will focus on the importance of involving youth in child health care transformation.

Though children and adolescents are at the center of pediatrics as the recipients of care, their voices are often missing from conversations about how to transform the field to better meet their needs and support their lifelong health. Inviting youth to the table during these efforts – and creating equitable partnerships with them – offers a unique perspective that can help accelerate opportunities to improve pediatric care delivery. Some pediatric health care teams are learning how including youth voices can inform policy and practice changes and are seeking ways to overcome hurdles currently preventing youth participation in transformation efforts.

This webinar will spotlight promising strategies for inviting youth perspectives to inform pediatric practice transformation efforts. Presenters, including a nationally recognized youth leader, a pediatrician, and a youth advisor, will share their experiences empowering youth to contribute to health care transformation, with a focus on peer-to-peer supports, access to needed resources, and involving youth in advocacy. This webinar is a product of Accelerating Child Health Transformation (ACHT), a national initiative led by the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that seeks to accelerate the adoption of key strategies necessary to advance anti-racist and family-centered pediatric practice.

Health care providers, researchers and organizations; patients and patient advocates; and other interested stakeholders are invited to join this 75-minute event.


I. Welcome and Introductions

Speaker: Hannah Gears, Senior Program Officer, CHCS

H. Gears will welcome participants, provide an overview of the webinar, and introduce speakers.

II. Youth Leadership Spotlight: Sneha Dave

Speaker: Sneha Dave, Founder and Executive Director, Generation Patient

S. Dave will share her work as part of a national movement to empower the voices of adolescents and young adults living with chronic conditions and ensure that they are given the opportunities and resources they need to thrive. She will discuss the abundance of knowledge that youth can bring to care transformation work and will share strategies pediatric care providers can use to encourage engagement from children and youth.

III. Incorporating Youth Perspectives in Primary Care

Speakers: Heidi Shreck, MD, Pediatrician and Chief Medical Officer, Primary Health Care Iowa and Youth Advisory Board Representative 

H. Shreck will share Primary Health Care Iowa’s recent efforts to stand up a Youth Advisory Council and discuss challenges, lessons, and implementation recommendations for other practices looking to engage youth in practice change. A youth advisory board representative will share what their participation in the board entails, why they are passionate about this work, and what they hope to see change in the future.

V. Moderated Q&A

Moderator: H. Gears will moderate a question-and-answer session inviting questions from the audience.