Many children in Medicaid with behavioral health needs are served by multiple public programs, putting them at risk for receiving fragmented or inappropriate care, resulting in poor health outcomes at high costs. The below resources are part of CHCS’ ongoing Faces of Medicaid data analysis series, which is designed to uncover patterns of behavioral health care use and expense for children in Medicaid and to help states and other stakeholders uncover opportunities to improve outcomes for these children and youth.

Analysis of 2011 Data

Analysis of 2008 Data

Analysis of 2005 Data

  • REPORT AND BRIEF – Provides complete study findings and methodology, as well as key findings and opportunities to improve care quality and cost-effectiveness.
  • CHART BOOK – Includes key data graphics, which can be used in presentations.
  • FACT SHEET: Foster Care – Reports findings related to children and youth in foster care.
  • INFOGRAPHIC – Highlights key findings and policy implications.
  • WEBINAR – Presents key findings and provides on-the-ground perspectives from Georgia and Maryland on how findings can inform state quality improvement efforts and policy reforms.